September21 , 2023

    Oliver Shane Hawkins, Taylor Hawkins’ son, pays respect to his late father by playing the drums to a Foo Fighters song


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    Even after Taylor Hawkins’ untimely passing in March of this year at 50, his legacy is still felt today.

    Oliver Shane, 16, from Laguna Beach, joined a local band by playing the drums to the song “My Hero” in memory of his adored father. The late musician played drums for the Foo Fighters, a rock group.

    Taylor’s kid was invited to sing a moving tribute to his father since he couldn’t be present to celebrate the Fourth of July by the teenage rock band The Alive at a Fourth of July block celebration.

    Oliver Shane Hawkins performed the band’s song “My Hero” on the drums during a gathering in memory of his late father, former Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

    Drummer: The late star played in the rock group Foo Fighters (pictured March 2022)

    The Foo Fighters released the song My Hero on their 1997 album The Colour And The Shape.

    Oliver, also known as Shane, appeared in a little footage posted by the neighborhood bad on their official Instagram page, making his father undoubtedly extremely happy.

    The Alive captioned the video to thank the Laguna Beach neighborhood for its support and to say how appreciative they were that the cops didn’t close them down.

    Shane received a shoutout from the band as well. Special thanks to Shane Hawkins for filling in, @shane Hawkins 22.

    Local group: The Alive, a teen rock band, was playing for a Fourth of July block party when Taylor’s son was invited to pay a moving homage to his father because he couldn’t celebrate the occasion.

    Special moment: Oliver Shane, Taylor’s son, is good friends with The Alive, a teenage band.

    The Foo Fighters released the song My Hero on their classic album The Colour And The Shape in 1997.

    The Foo Fighters and The Alive share a special relationship, and Shane is good friends with the band members.

    According to Variety, just one week before Taylor’s passing, the band had the chance to support the Foo Fighters at Lollapalooza Chile.

    Since the drummer had grown up in Laguna Beach, that place was chosen as the ideal setting for Shane to honor his father on July 4.

    According to Variety, just one week before Taylor’s passing, the group had the chance to support the Foo Fighters at Lollapalooza Chile.

    Playing at the drummer’s hometown: Shane chose to honor his father on July 4 in Laguna Beach, which just so happened to be the neighborhood where the drummer grew up.

    Bandmates: Dave Grohl and Taylor were photographed together in Beverly Hills in 2014.

    After receiving a call from an emergency service regarding Taylor’s chest symptoms on March 25, the musician was discovered unconscious in his Four Seasons hotel room in Columbia.

    After hearing of his passing, social media was swamped with condolences and prayers.

    At the time of his passing, Alison Hawkins, his wife, posted a statement on his Instagram page on behalf of the entire Hawkins family.

    Alison Taylor, Taylor’s wife, posted a note on her late husband’s Instagram after learning of his passing.

    The Foo Fighters also released a statement describing their sorrow at losing a bandmate and a close friend as being “devastated.”

    ‘Devastated’: The Foo Fighters also issued a statement in which they expressed their profound sorrow over the passing of a bandmate and a close friend.

    Along with the other band members and their families, Taylor’s family frequently accompanied him on tour and supported his career.

    Oliver, Annabelle, and Everleigh were the three children of the former Foo Fighters drummer.

    During a previous interview with ET Canada, Taylor and his bandmates spoke about how their son has aspired to follow in their footsteps since he was a young boy.

    He said, “My son feels he’s setting himself up to take over my job in about 10 or 15 years, which is OK.” He had no idea that statement would still hold today.