September21 , 2023

    Who is Madeline Robbie Schneider?


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    The name Madeline Robbie Schneider will undoubtedly get your brain going, and you’ll start trying to figure out who the individual is. Due to the fact that a whole generation in the entertainment industry is leaving the scene and a new one is preparing to take over, discussions these days do not center on well-known celebrities. In actuality, they are encircling the famous children who will soon step into their parents’ shoes.

    If we examine, we will discover that Madeline Robbie Schneider, who is well-known, is also a star child who is well-known because of her father. You might now be wondering who her father is, so allow us to inform you that she is the famous Rob Schneider’s daughter.

    People constantly question the star families and want to know every small thing. Therefore, we have gathered all the information needed for you to increase your understanding in this post.

    Understanding Madeline Robbie Schneider more

    The evidence at hand makes it clear that the well-known Madeline Robbie Schneider is none other than the well-known Rob Schneider’s daughter. Also, if we talk about her mother, then we will come to know that her name is Patricia Azarcoya Arce. The couple’s two daughters are their only children. The daughters are named Madeline and Miranda. The fact that Madeline has a sister named Elle King, who is from her father’s second marriage, may also come as a shock to you.

    The birth details

    If we look at the specifics, we can see that the celebrity child was born in 2016. She is still developing, which is why her profile is lacking. The celebrity child is six years old. Therefore, we might conclude that there is now a knowledge gap regarding her personality.

    The star child’s parents

    Since there is little data accessible about the star child’s existence, it is crucial to research the specifics of their parent’s lives. Thus if we talk about her father, Rob Schneider, then we will get to know that he is a guy with various traits. His talents go beyond acting.

    Who is Rob Schneider

    He is also an anti-vaccine campaigner, comedian, screenwriter, and filmmaker. The information that is currently known indicates that he has previously participated in a number of noteworthy undertakings. In movies like Grown-ups, Male Gigolo, Deuce Bigalow, and The Hot Chick, he has also appeared.

    As a father, Rob

    Rob is the father of three daughters, the first of whom is none other than the well-known singer Elle King, from his first union.

    Birth details of Rob Schneider

    If we look more closely at the birth information, we can see that the well-known celebrity came into the world on October 31, 193. The location of birth is listed as San Francisco, California, USA, according to the information that is currently accessible. Additionally, we can determine the star’s zodiac sign to be Scorpio. People could be curious as to the famous star’s age, therefore let’s provide a number. The star is 58 years old, based on the information that is currently known.

    The physical profile

    The height mark

    After discussing the facts of the birth, it’s important to discuss the physical characteristics. As a result, if we look at the specifics, we will discover that the well-known star is 5 feet and 3.5 inches tall. Or, we may say that he stands 161 centimeters tall.

    The weight of Rob Schneider is the other crucial physical feature. We can infer from the information that she weighs 60 kg or 132.2 pounds. In the past, his physical characteristics—along with his black hair and eyes—made him the ideal actor.

    The academic background

    Early Education

    It is vitally important that we examine the star’s academic background in order to comprehend the star’s level of education. The information clarifies why the well-known celebrity attended Terra Nova High School in 1982.

    To further his studies, he pursued a job in academia. As a result, if we follow the timeline, we will understand that he was also accepted by San Francisco State University. But as of right now, we don’t have any information that could give us a better sense of Rob Schneider’s educational background.

    The family information

    The only information that will assist you in finishing the profile of the subject is their family information. The mother’s name was Pilar Schneider, and the father’s name was Marvin Schneider; therefore, whether we discuss the parents of the well-known Rob Schneider or the grandparents of Madeline Robbie Schneider, we will get that information.

    The information also enables us to comprehend that Rob Schneider’s parents belonged to various schools of thought based on their religious beliefs. Father was a Jew, and mother was a Catholic. The family had more sons than him. He had an older brother named John and was the youngest of the nine.

    Many people are curious about the famous Rob Schneider’s love life. Let us now inform you that the celebrity has been married twice. The star wed London King on September 25, 1988, in reality. Elle King, a well-known singer, was the name of the daughter he also had with her. They later separated on September 1, 1990, two years after getting married.

    The second marriage

    For his second marriage, Rob Schneider picked Patricia Azarcoya as his life companion. The specifics show us that they have two girls together and have a contented life.

    The net worth value

    The famous star’s net worth is extremely important, and the information that is currently accessible enables us to estimate that the star’s current net worth is $12 million.


    The 6-year-old daughter of the well-known Rob Schneider is none other than Madeline Robbie Schneider. Since she is still young, we do not know many facts surrounding her life. We anticipate seeing her step into her parents’ shoes in the near future.