September21 , 2023

    Esposa De Trino Marin Maria


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    Are you trying to find the definition of Esposa de Trino Marin Maria online? Consequently, allow us to inform you that it is French for “Wife of Trino Marin Maria.” Trino Marin has recently generated a lot of buzzes, so this will undoubtedly make things more interesting.

    The number of celebrities today is significantly more than it was in the past. Because of this, it is crucial that all of these individuals be extensively monitored and examined in order to present the facts to the public.

    Celebrities with a reputation for controversy are particularly significant because they are well-known to the majority of the general audience. Because of this, information on these people’s personal and professional lives should be acquired and organized appropriately. On this page, the information needed to answer the question “esposa de Trino Marin maria” is provided.

    Trino Marin is a person to know

    Even so, do you even know who Trino Marin is? You do, for sure, but you might not be aware of the true source of his notoriety. So let us tell you that he was Jenni Rivera’s first spouse, a well-known singer. Even while this is the name that appears on most platforms, the specifics show us that this is not the famous husband’s real identity. He is, in fact, Jose Trinidad Marin, according to the records.

    The debate around sexual assault

    Not many individuals are able to call themselves celebrity husbands, but this can’t be the main factor in his fame because he became well-known after being charged with sexual assault. This is undoubtedly surprising news, and you will be even more astonished to learn that Jacquie and Chiquie, his own children, were the victims of sexual abuse. He didn’t only stick to the kids, either. Additionally, he molested Rosie, his mother-in-law.

    The personal life details of Trino Marin

    We must study the famous husband’s personal life in detail if we are to comprehend the well-known Trino Marin. As far as we are aware, this is not his full name. Additionally, if we discuss Jose’s birth information, we learn that he first saw the world on February 15, 1964.

    Age and birthplace

    The star hubby will be 58 years old if we turn the clock back and look at the time. When it comes to his birthplace, it is presently unknown where he was born exactly, but we do know that he was born in the United States.

    Esposa de Trino Marin Maria

    If we look at the famous star’s love life, we can see that Jose Trinidad wed either Dolores Saavedra or Jenni Rivera, two well-known singers. Additionally, she has been called a variety of names in the past. We can tell from the details that she was born on July 2, 1969. Consequently, the illustrious star was 43 years old when she passed away. Additionally, the information enables us to comprehend that the well-known vocalist was born in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California.

    The death of the star singer

    You may find it upsetting to learn that the well-known vocalist passed away in 2012. The information indicates that she was just 43 years old when she passed away. Additionally, if we discuss the reason for her death, we will learn that she passed away in an aviation accident.

    The Plane Crash

    When the plane crashed, she was on board with 6 other passengers. The evening before she passed away, she was in the area to play at the renowned Monterrey Arena. The religious and ethnic background of Jenni Rivera, an American national, is currently unclear.

    The family history

    The famous singer’s parents

    It’s time to go into the singer’s parents’ specifics. Then, if we consult the archives, we will learn that the well-known singer’s father was Pedro Rivera, a well-known singer, actor, and composer. We shall also learn the name of her mother, Rosa Saavedra if we continue with the specifics of her life.

    Siblings’ information

    Now that you may be curious about the famous singer’s siblings, allow us to inform you that she has four brothers as well as a sister. For the sake of expanding your understanding, the following names are mentioned:

    • Lupillo Rivera
    • Rosie Rivera
    • Juan Rivera
    • Pedro Rivera Jr.
    • Gustavo Rivera

    The relationship profile

    In terms of relationships, the well-known singer was married three times. She got divorced in 1992 after getting married for the first time in 1984 to Jose Trinidad Marin. She later married Juan Lopez in 1997, and the two later separated in 2003. Esteban Louisa was the subject of her third marriage, which was still active at the time of her passing.

    Report of the air crash

    If you’d like us to take you step by step through what happened, we can tell you that the well-known singer held a press conference after her performance and then boarded a Learjet 25 with other staff members to travel to Toluca, Mexico.

    The certificate of death

    Contact with the aircraft was totally lost 15 minutes after takeoff. The wreckage of the plane was discovered by the authorities when this case’s investigations got underway later that day. Since there were no survivors, the renowned singer’s passing was officially announced on this day.

    Scandalous marriages

    If we discuss the issue surrounding her marriage, we will learn that her husband was a sexual abuser who received a 30-year prison sentence as a result of the allegations made against him. Later, a 10-year term was also added for offenses, including narcotics dealing. The sentence was excessive, but the famous husband later passed away in custody in 2009.


    The name of the well-known singer Jenni Rivera will undoubtedly come up when people look up information on Trino Marin, Maria’s wife. But the sorrowful circumstances surrounding her passing can wear on you. We anticipate that soon the public will learn more information about her private life.