March30 , 2023

    12 little-known facts about Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone


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    Netflix helped Michele Morrone gain notoriety in 2020. One of the top 10 movies, according to 365 Days, features Michele Morrone in an erotic role. The movie, which will be released in June 2020, will be quite popular with Netflix devotees. Fans of Michele Morrone, who fit the description of “Tall, Dark, and Handsome,” were let down when they learned that he had been wed to Rouba Saadeh. And regrettably, the two decided to get divorced in 2018. Are you serious?

    Boy! If my husband had Michele Morrone’s impeccable appearance, I wouldn’t have the guts to leave him. Rouba Saadeh, however, did! We’re going to learn a lot about Rouba and Morrone’s connection today. And what is she currently doing? Are you eager to find out? So am I! Let’s get going:

    1: Rouba Saadeh and Mr Morrone were in a relationship in 2013

    After coming into contact in 2013, Michele Morrone’s ex-wife Rouba Saadeh and Morrone instantly fell in love. It is difficult to accept that a couple only got hitched after dating for a year. Rouba and Morrone got married in 2014. Meanwhile, Michele Morrone published a number of images on Instagram of his devoted wife and children.

    Therefore, it is quite difficult to ascertain the cause of the couple’s separation. Whom actress would you want to pair Michele Morrone with now that we know he is single and looking to date?

    2: The pair might have split up when 365 Days/DNI was being produced

    Although simply an assumption, it is very likely. Rouba Saadeh filed for divorce in 2018. Furthermore, it appears that Rouba’s case was convincing enough for the court to admit her. The timings for Michele’s divorce suggest that the couple’s problems began while recording Morrone’s biggest hit, 365 days.

    Unquestionably, the film was highly erotic. And the scenes were adequate to instill feelings of insecurity or jealousy in a wife. What do you suppose transpired, then?

    3: Rouba Saadeh is indeed famous in Italy

    Hollywood often disapproves when a celebrity marries a controversial figure. Rouba and Michele, on the other hand, never faced these obstacles. You might be shocked to learn that Rome, Italy-based Rouba Saadeh is a prestigious Lebanese fashion designer. She currently works as a coordinator for Elie Saab, a well-known Italian apparel company. Prior to this, Rouba served as the CEO and co-founder of Le Paradis Des Fou.

    Other than that, Rouba has a great interest in graphic design. Additionally, takes on part-time design assignments. All of this information may be found on her updated LinkedIn page.

    4: Michele had a hard time leaving Rouba

    The modern era is one of the intricate relationships when one spouse in a marriage stops showing interest in the other while the other spouse perseveres regardless! Both parties endure agony as a result. Additionally, unlike Hollywood superstars, Polish actor Michele Morrone had melancholy following their divorce from Rouba Saadeh.

    In 2018, Michele Morrone posted on Instagram to inform his followers that he was quitting acting. He consequently lost all of his money. Then, for a daily wage, he worked as a gardener in a village. When Michele returned to acting in 2019, he was rewarded with the hard-hitting success of 365 DNI, which was released in June 2020. Watch right away at

    5: ā€œF.R.I.E.N.D.Sā€ after D.I.V.O.R.C.E ā€“ Rouba Saadeh and M.M

    Do you know what the hardest aspect of a breakup is? When you must regularly interact with the same person. Additionally, it appears that Michele and Rouba Saadeh have kept up their friendship even after their divorce for the benefit of their two children. On occasion, Michele leaves encouraging remarks on Saadeh’s Instagram photos. And it definitely frightens fans in some places. Naturally, we envy an actor or actress’s lovers when we adore them. But we simply despise those who upset or depress others. As a result, Saadeh frequently faces hatred from Michele’s supporters. Fans of Jennifer Aniston also engaged in a virtual war with Brad Pitt over their separation and their pairing with Angelina Jolie. It was a painful time.

    6: The ex-husband of Rouba Saadeh is also a singer

    Michele Morrone has a successful singing career in addition to her acting career. Do you recall the hit song Feel it from 365 DNI? That is correct! Michele Morrone’s own enlightened voice may be heard in the song. His finest vocal performances can be heard on the Dark Room albums. Recent official music videos by Michele Morrone on YouTube, such as Watch Me Burn, Do It Like That, and Hard for Me, have received millions of views.

    Because of how sexy Morrone’s songs can get, his fangirl following is intense.

    Visit Michele Morrone’s channel on YouTube. Feel It, the anthem from 365 days, has millions of views and over 169 thousand subscribers.

    7: Morrone started small

    How many actors, in your opinion, underwent the most difficult transition from live theatre to film? Daniel Radcliffe, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Lane, and more actors come to mind. But let’s add Michele Morrone’s name as well to this list. Michele Morrone was an Italian theatre performer before he met Rouba Saadeh.

    Later, he rose to prominence in Polish and Italian movies. The Trial, Medici, Come, Un Delfino, Sirene, and Squadra Antimafia are just a few examples.

    8: His ex-wife had no tattoos, but Michele Moronne has 19

    Do you believe that a husband and wife may go as far as their personal interests? Well! Rouba Saadeh’s Instagram shows that Michele Morrone and Rouba have completely different personalities. Both are undeniably stunning and lead opulent lives. Mr Morrone is a big enthusiast of tattooing.

    The actor has gained notoriety for sporting 19 visible tattoos. For your reference, the following list:

    • The tattoo on the wrist reads 18.04.2003. Evidently, that day marked Michele’s father’s passing.
    • Sky on Heart (left-side pec). It appears that Morrone loves his pet dog, Cloud.
    • The left palm side bears a tattoo of an eagle’s skull. It appears that Michele has spiritual and rebirth beliefs.
    • His son Brandon is honoured by a tattoo that Brando has on his shoulder (see image, right).
    • A third finger from the right, number 3. He was born on that day in 1990, in October.
    • The Cross Ink. By faith, Michele is a Christian.
    • Marus Ink. a different son’s name
    • Arabic body art honours God (spelling My God)
    • The tattoo “Our Lady of Aparecida” honours the mother of Jesus.

    So it would appear that Michele Morrone enjoys recording the poignant and painful times in his life on paper. It is one method some individuals use to combat depression. On the other side, research has found that tattoos provide a person in mourning with an immeasurable amount of relief. How do you feel?

    9: Michele Morrone Net Worth Vs. Rouba Saadeh Net Worth

    The public is highly alarmed when their favourite star gets divorced after Milinda Gates stole $40 million from Bill Gates in the name of the Divorce settlement. Michele Morrone’s net worth is up to $5 million, per research on Hollywood’s net worth. The $2 million net worth of Rouba Saadeh. You’ll be shocked to learn that the $2 million divorce settlement Rouba received from Morrone is currently trending online.

    However, there are currently no sources that support this claim. So, until we learn more, keep checking our page!

    10: The box office revenue for 365 DNI was around ten million US dollars

    The cast of a movie receives a tremendous amount of attention when it smashes all box office records. The renowned media website Netflix calculated that the film earned approximately $10 billion USD at the box office during the second week of the year. What percentage do you believe Michele Morrone received for the lead role?

    Numerous sources have led to the conclusion that Michele Morrone earned more than $2 million from the film. How blessed!

    11: Michael Morrone Income from a YouTube channel

    The variety of revenue streams that celebrities have is a little unexpected. They must make a good living via YouTube channels, song albums, theatre productions, concerts and brand endorsements. 365 days was recently launched on Netflix in 2020. Feel It, one of its songs, became popular among users.

    It appears that Michele Morrone is the owner of the music’s copyright. And the song received 14 million views in just one month. The media source estimated Michele Morrone’s YouTube income to be roughly 7,000 USD using the monetization mechanism for YouTube. I suppose it’s adequate for a trip.

    12: Dolce & Gabbana and Guess Commercials

    In the course of 365 DNI’s 114-minute running time, Michele Morrone gained popularity for his sensuality. Dolce & Gabbana contacted Morrone for the upcoming advertisement because fangirls adore his physical attractiveness. Check this out:


    Michele Morrone, Rouba Saadeh’s ex-husband, is now leading a prominent life despite having a difficult marriage. The couple is physically apart. Rouba, who is 5′ 7″, is attempting a modelling career. I hope things turn out well for her. We appreciate you joining us on this adventure.